Studio Vessey – small business branding photography in Hertfordshire

Next to weddings, I absolutely love to shoot small business branding photography in Hertfordshire. I get to meet wonderful people and celebrate the hard work they have put into creating their small businesses. It really is such a pleasure. I’m very proud to have met so many woman business owners who juggle and balance their amazing businesses around their families.

So as you can imagine, it was very exciting for me to be able to organise a small business branding session for my wonderful friend Emily’s new business. Emily runs Studio Vessey, a pottery studio in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, where she makes amazing ceramics to order and runs pottery classes. She was keen for some photos of her new studio to use on social media and on her website. She also wanted some product photography of her amazing pottery, and we also included some lifestyle headshots of her in her studio and at work for her to use and help advertise her business.

Emily chose a two hour session, and we were blessed with a sunny winter’s day. Before the session, Emily, her website designer and myself collaborated together to establish a list of photographs that would fit her new website. This included making sure some images had lots of negative space, allowing for text to be written above or to the side of the picture. Emily also considered some branding colours for her photos and I really think the orange and blue is a great combination. Her studio space is a really relaxing place to be, and the natural wood was a key element to include in the photographs as well.

It really was such a pleasure to watch Em work at the wheel and create something amazing! Do check out her classes here if you at interested in learning pottery. Here is a selection of the images we managed to achieve on the day:

If you are interested in small business branding photography in Hertfordshire then please do get in touch here. For my prices and packaging on these session take a look here.


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