Wedding Album



lasts forever

There is no better way to enjoy your wedding photos than in printed album. They are simply the best way to tell your wedding story and you get to include all the little in-between moments that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider printing and framing on their own. In years to come I believe you will be very grateful as you reach for an album off the shelf rather than trying to remember which old computer or memory stick they are stored on! This is an investment that will continue giving long into the future.

There are four easy steps to ordering your wedding album and I’ve outlined these below:


Choose your images

Firstly, you need to choose your favourite images to include in your album!

Please visit your wedding gallery and choose your favourite photos by clicking on the heart icon on each photo. As a rough guide, start with 50 images. This will be enough for a 10 spread album (see notes below on album design). Think about the story of each spread and choosing enough images to tell that story. For example, spread 1 might be 3-5 images of ‘getting ready’ or 3-5 images of your venue and decorations for example.

Once you have chosen all your favourites then share the list with me (or send me an email to let me know its done) by clicking on the paper aeroplane symbol in the top right hand corner of the favourites page.


Choose your album

Visit the link here to make all your selection, including size, cover and number of pages:

A few notes on the options available:


I recommend a rectangular shaped album (14×12 or 16×12) because they allow for a few ‘hero’ full page images on the spreads without cutting/cropping images from the original to a square shape or splitting an image over the pages.


A spread is a left and a right page together. A 10 spread album is enough for 50 images. Should you want any more images, calculate another spread for every 5 images you choose. 


There are lots of colours and materials to choose from, Choose something that suits your wedding day – pick a colour that reflects those in your photos for example. Choose a beautiful linen for a more relaxed wedding day look, or a leather style for a high quality finish.


Add text to your front cover. This can be a simple as a set of initials or as large as your full names with your wedding date.


You can choose a replica of your album to be made up as a gift for family and friends at a discounted price. Choose from a full sized replica or from a smaller replica album. Please note a replica must be ordered at the same time as the main album.

Click confirm once you have chosen all your selections – nothing to pay at this stage, it is just so I know your choices to make up your design.


Review your design

Once I have your favourites images and design choices, I will put together a design for your to preveiw and  review. I will send you an online link to the design where you can then add your comments – it might be an image swap for example, or a layout change. You have complete say in how it all goes together! At this stage we can also review all your album choices and add more images and pages if we need to.


Sit back and wait

When your design is all approved, I will send your album to print. It usually takes 2 weeks for it to be posted out to you and it will arrive on your doorstep ready for viewing!